Friday, September 6, 2013

52 Lists: Things That Feel Like Home

*  warm chocolate chip cookies

*  orange juice and pretzels (we used to eat them at my grandmother's house!)

*  tobacco fields (hey, I'm from CC!)

*  roads lined with yellow, red, and orange leaves in the fall

*  a wiggly boxer dog greeting when I walk in the door

* the comfort of my own bed

What feels like home to you?

1 comment:

Raelyn said...

I love your list, Friend!! ;)
What feels like home to me?
A good rainstorm. What? It rains quite a lot here!!
A boisterous, ear-piercing bay of a "welcome home" greeting from my mutt!! She is part Beagle!!
My Mom's reading. She used to do that for us growing up!!
A delicious home-cooked meal.
Our cozy great room wood stove.
This was fun!! ;-D