Saturday, June 30, 2018

Amazing Trip!!

We got back on Tuesday from an amazing trip to Alaska!  There's so much to share, but I'll start with everyone's favorite activities!

Julie, Matt, Mom, Dad, Abby, Anna, Caleb, Lucy, and Owen all loved meeting the sled dogs, cuddling the sled dog puppies, and riding on the summer sled pulled by real Ididarod racing dogs.  The little girls were absolutely enamored with the puppies and spent so much time cuddling them!  it was really sweet.  This was Abby's #1 thing she was most looking forward to about the trip, and it did not disappoint!  The girls said the dogs were so cute and cuddly and fluffy!

Amy and Bruce said their favorite part was ziplining because it was challenging and pushed them out of their comfort zone.  That was something that they did with Matt while the rest of us went to a Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan, which was Sara's favorite activity.  

Stay tuned for many more posts sharing our adventures!

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