Monday, May 7, 2018

Great News!

Looooove good news days!!!!  

We came to Philly last night for appointments today and tomorrow.  We got into RMH, so Abby enjoyed playing with another little girl and racing remote control cars in the playroom.  

Today, Abby had a CT scan, X-rays, orthopedics, and plastic surgery.  Obviously, our biggest concern was Abby’s lung volumes and the future of her chest wall reconstruction.  

Abby’s lung volume on the right side (the side that has no veptr) has improved significantly!!  Dr. Campbell is really happy and we can schedule an expansion for the left side for August!  Her plastic surgeon was also pleased with her back healing!  Woo hoo!!  We are absolutely thrilled and thankful for the healing God has been doing in her little body!  

To celebrate after a busy morning of appointments, we visited the Please Touch Museum. 

The ceiling of the museum

Tons of toys make up this torch!!

Riding the carousel

The baby needed an MRI :)

We found a fantastic old fashioned ice cream parlor with 25 different flavors of soda and homemade ice cream.  Abby thoroughly enjoyed hers! 🤣

Now we are hanging out back at RMH until dinner.  The therapy dogs are coming tonight and Abs is so excited!! 😍


Susan Shaw said...

What a joyous day of blessings!’I am praying for more good news!

Dale Lantz said...