Wednesday, February 21, 2018


We enjoyed some sunshine yesterday with some unseasonably warm temperatures.  It took a little convincing to get Abby outside for some real vitamin D (we have actually started giving her a supplement because she is outside so infrequently and her blood work showed her body wasn’t making it!).  Once she got out there, she loved it!

Since the tree house hadn’t been used in a while, I spent some time sweeping it out and cleaning it up.  I let out a little scream when I discovered a DEAD SQUIRREL behind the door!  Gross!  I was able to remove it with sticks without actually touching it, and then I lysoled the area really well.  Abby was very sad he died. My guess is that he got in there somehow and couldn’t get out.  Poor little guy.

Today is even warmer, and we are all looking forward to playing outside again after school.  We may even eat dinner on the deck!  I’m going to savor these warm days while I can!

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