Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Not the News We Hoped For

Today did not go well. Dr. Campbell thinks putting the rod back in could disrupt everything and be too much of a risk of infection.  Her last 2 CTs show that her lung volumes are basically the same, so he feels she is stable.  We voiced our concern that she is not functionally the same, but he thinks the risks outweigh the benefits.  He wants to do another ct in May to measure lung volumes then.

This is all we know and we were completely blindsided.  The nurse practitioner was just as shocked as we were because she thought we were getting a date today too.  Turns out, we are going to be waiting even longer and she may not even have the surgery at all.  

We are devastated, to say the least.  This left us reeling.  We will pick up the pieces and keep going, but today we are heartbroken to hear this news.


Mary Lou said...

My heart sank reading this news and the results of your appointment with Dr. Campbell.... I am so sorry, Friend.... Hugs and prayers!! :) 
'The only thing I knew how to do was to KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON like a bird that flew....' --Lyrics to 'Tangled Up In Blue', written by Bob Dylan

Amy Cantilina said...

Oh, julie, I am behind and am just seeing this post. I am so sorry to hear this news too. Praying for you guys as you process this and for wisdom for her team going forward. Hugs and love from Lilly and me.