Monday, February 27, 2017

Abby's new room

Abby got her new furniture tonight.  This was her while she was waiting for the guys to set it all up.


Chloe approves too!!


One of Abby's favorite things is that she can open all of the drawers by herself--with just one hand.  Her antique furniture was very difficult for us to open, let alone her!



She is one happy little girl!  I have some work to do tomorrow with organizing everything and we are still working on figuring out the best place for the feeding pole (it's making the dresser have to be off-center).  I'm going to get a new book shelf, get a twin dust ruffle, move the mirror, and put a new white wall shelf in.  There's work to do, but it is definitely an exciting day!

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Charlie Weaver said...

I love the new furniture and Abby looks wonderful. I am sure she will love her independence more too. Give her a hug from me. We miss seeing you guys at the shop.