Thursday, July 14, 2016

Her Safe Place

Today, we visited an aquarium that had a large, multi-level climbing structure.  It was way too much for Abby, but we figured she could play at the base and be fine while Caleb explored.

That sweet boy stayed with her, encouraging her to try things, helping her when she needed it, and shielding her from rough kids.  

We watched happily from outside the structure as they played.  Then we started to notice something:  every time things got a little crazy and Abby started to get nervous, she would run to Caleb.  He would put a protective arm around her and take her to a calmer area.  He was her safe place!

It was such a sweet, beautiful exchange to watch.  They adore each other and I made sure Caleb knew how proud I was of the way he watched out for her.  He had time later to explore the higher structures, but he often checked in with Abby to make sure she had fun too. 

So sweet!

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