Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In Their Words: Abby

In Their Words is a series I created to give my children a voice.  Caleb loves to share about what it is like being the big brother to a child with special needs, and Abby shares her thoughts about life as a medically fragile child.  Everything here is written exactly as they told it to me.  This is their chance to be heard!

So, here's my five year old daughter, describing her life in and out on her words.

I have tons of surgeries on my ribs to help me be strong and big.  Dr. Campbell is fixing my ribs.  My ribs are so tiny they can't even get much stronger, but Dr. Campbell is helping.  I have trouble breathing sometimes.  And sometimes I throw up when I'm at the hostible (hospital). I don't like the medicines, because sometimes the purple one I don't really like. I've had a million surgeries!

I don't like that we have to go to the hostible and have surgeries.  They hurt.  They hurt all of the time.  It's not fun to have surgeries, and I'm afraid of them.  It makes my heart break.  When I have a surgery, Momma sings songs to me before I go off to sleep.  After I wake up, Momma and Daddy are always there.  Momma always tells me that every day it's going to get a little bit better.

At the hostible, I like that they have therapy dogs to meet and the playroom.  I like to do the crafts they have.  But I don't like BLOOD DRAWS!!  Ow!  I do not like that!!!  When I'm at the hostible, I miss Caleb when he is at Nina and Paw Paw's house.  We Facetime with him and that makes me feel better.  But sometimes I cry for him.

My back hurts all of the time.  Sometimes it hurts a lot.  Then Momma gets me medicine in syringes.  I do stretching to help my back not hurt.  But it always hurts a little because of all of my surgeries.  But it's okay.  I'm okay.

 I am super duper brave because I have so many surgeries.  But I don't want to be brave.  I just want to be healthy all the time.

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Raelyn said...

That is what doctors--what surgeons--do, huh? They help people, they fix their problems, they make them all better!! When I was an infant, I did not have a round-shaped head.... Because I had craniosynostosis. {That is such a big word for such a little baby, huh?} Because of the "Cranio", my head was more football-shaped than round!! But then Dr. J. gave me surgery!! He made my head rounder!! I was also born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. {Three big words for such a tiny baby, huh?} I had a hole in my diaphragm. But Dr. C. gave me surgery!! He fixed the hole!! He made me all better!! Because this is what doctors do!! I believe that--like police officers, soldiers and firefighters--surgeons are heroes!! Because they save Lives, too!! And isn't that what hero means?! Isn't this what a hero is?! I know that Dr. J. and Dr. C. saved my Life thirty-two years ago.... ;)
"Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn
PS. Julie.... This Blog post really yanked at my heartstrings, Friend!! ;)