Monday, March 13, 2017

Moms Can't Get Sick

Our whole family has had crud of varying kinds this last week.  Now it's my turn, except that moms can't get sick!

Chloe has been keeping me company, and Matt has been great about taking care of the kids!


I am feeling a lot better and am just waiting to be fever-free for 24 hours before I get close to the kids again.  So we prayed and sang like this tonight before bed!


I would LOVE to have a snow day tomorrow, but my chances seem to be slipping through my fingertips. :(

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Heading Home

We are going over the Bay Bridge, heading home.  The brace company made a bunch of adjustments to the brace so that we could access her ear better. We were also able to put there a piece of the Duradry fabric we have for her chin, so we are hoping that will keep the brace from rubbing.   I was able to clean the area and it is definitely infected.  We are hoping that the brace changes will allow the infection to air out and heal.

We still need to go to our appointment at the end of the month because he wants to get X-rays at the 3 month mark and see how things are looking.  

It's a lot of driving for one day, but Matt doesn't mind and Abby has been fantastic in the car.  Another successful road trip to our Philly vacation home! 😉

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Heading to CHOP Tomorrow

Sadly, Abby has had a fever all day and is feeling lousy.  She has no other symptoms and has been completely homebound, so we are pretty certain it's from the infection.  After lots of phone calls back and forth to our pediatrician and CHOP, ortho and the orthotists want to see her tomorrow. They will take a good look at the infection without the halo as well as make adjustments to the brace to keep this from happening again. 

We are not planning on staying, but we have been around the block enough times to know to pack a "just in case" bag. 

Road trips are a lot more fun when the destination is vacation.