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25 Phrases Every English Intermediate Learner Must Know

Are any of these phrases new to you?  Try using them in everyday conversation!
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Surgery Update

As you can imagine, COVID 19 has caused us quite a bit of stress!  We are doing everything we possibly can to keep Abby safe, including working from home and not going anywhere.  We used Instacart to grocery shop and wiped everything with disinfectant wipes on the porch before bringing anything inside.  We also wore gloves!  There are many unknowns right now regarding Abby's surgeries.  Her orthopedic team canceled all of the pre-op appointments we were supposed to have next week and in April because all outpatient appointments are being postponed for the time being.  This means we will not be meeting with ortho, infectious disease, plastic surgery, pulmonary, and ENT right now.  All elective surgeries in New York have been canceled for the time being, but it is unclear as to when that order will end.  Right now, the orthopedic team still has Abby on the schedule for her surgery and subsequent inpatient stay in May.  It would take a miracle or two to be able to reschedule all o

More Educational Activities!

Many of you found the academic activities I shared to be helpful, so I have compiled some more.  I know doing the same thing can get boring and variety is key...especially if we are out of school for much longer than originally planned. 😒 *  This is a set of free printable maker station (STEM) activities.  You will want to scroll through and probably just print the ones that appeal to your kids.  I do like that there are QR codes for each activity with additional resources. * Check out this list of online field trips and even more online field trips ! Kids really enjoy these.  Just make sure there's a writing component involved so that they aren't just clicking and scrolling!  Have them write in a journal about what they learned.  For older kids, you will want to move them past the "fact listing" and have them write about how they can use the information they learned or how it applies to something else they already knew. * I share this one with caution.   When

Educational Resources During Your Corona Break

While being on an extended break with my kids and being responsible for their learning isn't that big a deal to me because I do this for a living, I recognize that not everyone is a teacher and isn't able to come up with educational things for their kids to do each day.  No one wants their kids to just play video games and watch TV all day!  I figured I would share some things I have found that would help others while their kids are at home. All of the websites I will share are free or just require a free registration!  Unless otherwise noted, I have checked these links for viability.  I hope you find these helpful.  Please let me know how you use the activities! * First, let me say that writing should be a part of just about everything you do.  If your child does a science experiment, have him/her write claims and evidence about the experiment.  If you explore an online museum together, have children share about three of the most interesting exhibits.  Writing is key!  *

The House is So Quiet

When I wake up in the morning, I automatically look over to see if you are in your bed. But you're not there. I get myself ready, then go downstairs to make coffee. I call for you to go out, not even remembering that You are gone. The house is so quiet. When I get home from work, Reality smacks me in the face When you aren't there to greet me with your whippy tail. I subconsciously glance out onto the deck To see if you are ready to come back inside. But no one is waiting at the door. The house is so quiet. There's a chill in the air, So I turn on the fire and look to see If you are in your favorite seat in the house. But it's empty. You loved that fire. I sit in your spot and cry. The house is so quiet. Daddy cleans up some toys in the playroom And the squeak of the wheels of a car Sends him sobbing. Why? Because it was the last thing you reacted to Before you were gone. The house is so quiet. Night time is the hardest for the kids, Whe

An Interview With Abby

Enjoy this little interview with Abby! What is your full name?  Abigail Elizabeth Joy Leach What does your name mean?   They all mean Joy except Leach What are your favorite toys?   Playmobile, Barbies, stuffed animals, and dolls What is your favorite color?   PURPLE!!!! What do you want to be when you grow up?   A veterinarian for baby red pandas and a horse rider trainer and a veterinarian for dogs and cats and bunnies and pigs What do you like to do when you have free time?   I like to play with my Playmobile characters, play with my brother with Legos, and I like to sing and dance, and I like watching my brother singing a song in his play. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Australia because I want to visit the beach and the koalas Who are some of your favorite people?  My mom, dad, Caleb, Chloe, grandparents, cousins, my aunt and uncle, and Mrs. Danielson If you could meet a famous person, who would you want to meet?   Idina Menzel beca

MRI Update

Thank you for all of the purple pictures and well wishes!  Abby made it through her MRI and we are on our way home now.  The mri took 2 hours.  The first hour was great.  She took a break, went to the bathroom, and then the second half was rough.  It probably would have been better if she had just plowed through and not taken a break, honestly.  Her back was really hurting and she cried the last half an hour. 😢. But she finished!! Here are some pictures from last night and today:  A visit to Carlo’s Bakery  The Stage Door Tour at Radio City Music Hall meeting a Rockette visiting the AG store having fun at a Valentine’s Day party at the hospital I totally forgot to take a picture, but we also finally got to meet another VEPTR mom friend who lives in NYC!  She is the sweetest and brought Abby a big basket of treats, which made her day! We are grateful for your prayers and grateful to be going home!